Tomato Stakes for Junior from Shipping Pallets

Nothing goes to waste at ArchBridge

Pictured are Junior on the left and Carl on the right. Carl and Junior have known each other for a long time. Junior is 89 years young and takes care of our facilities to perfection.

When you are involved in shipping you often end up with extra shipping pallets. While some make compost piles or American flags from found pallets, or as we call them in the industry, “skids”, Junior just planted a garden. He needed 3 foot high “tomato sticks” so his tomato plants can grow tall.

ArchBridge to the rescue by converting some extra wood into tomato sticks for Junior. Not only does ArchBridge pass along savings we find to benefit you, we also believe in zerowaste.

Does anyone want to see a photo of Junior’s tomato sticks in action?

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