Sandy Krem reads poems at Arlene Rosengarten Graveside Service


It’s getting late we must hurry,

You take my hand as we run through the meadows.

You save me from my fears, then I feel protected, wishing you would always and forever be there by my side.

The times we have, the time we share, the silly dances, round and round we go,

I follow in your footsteps, never far behind, I know I will be safe, if I could keep you here with me,

We’re having fun through meadows, with such glee.

Friendships come, and sometimes go,

A sister should never; she’s part of your soul.

It’s a candle in the wind, a star in the sky.

We have all the fun together, dancing at the discos.

You twine your arms around me making circles round the floor, people watching far and near,

I want to do one more dance with you!

I am so proud of you, how quickly to catch on,

Your paintings are astounding, no doubt about it,

Such fun together while learning to paint a Rose,

I spend hours, days painting over and over on the Rose, Stand back and Stare,

How would I ever compare,

I love watching YouTube  together, how did Rembrandts, Chagall,

Paint those pieces without You Tube I wonder.

Can you hear me, see me, when I don’t know what to do?  That’s ok, I still see through,

Before we fall asleep it is the time for us to say “Good Night, Sleep Tight, have good dreams, or none at all, 

good night  ARLENE!, Good Night  SANDRA!.  If one of us refuse to say it, and start to get loud, we hear 

footsteps coming down the hall, we cover our heads, after all we’re still so small.

Dedicated to my sister, Arlene Thelma Levy, Rosengarten.

Poem by Sandra Harriet Levy Krem