Make Money in Promotions

If you have a website or other virtual property, then consider to become an agent of ArchBridge’s program, “Arlene Creates”, to generate some revenue for your business.

Arlene Rosengarten has worked in the Promotions Industry for 50 years and has hundreds of clients she works with regularly.

How does the Promotions Business work?

People often want t-shirts, pens, bags, and all forms of simple items with their brand’s logo decorated onto simple items to promote their business. You know, the free frisbee that has a logo on it. The free t-shirt that has the 10k race you just completed. That is the promo business.

How does this work for me to me make money?

All you have to do is introduce a customer that is interested in buying promotional items

If the customer you provided and hand off for the completion of a sale, all work done by Arlene Creates, then you get 50% (“half”) of the profit. So if there is $400 dollar of profit, you get $200 profit.

Arlene Creates will handle the paperwork.

How does this work technically?

Simply apply an ad that fits on your web property and/or a text link that links back to a link that we provide that is based upon our website, ArchBridge. There will be a simple form, like the one below.

Ready to get started? Fill out this form and we will get you setup with an advertisement on your website.

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