My Freight is Stuck. What do I do?

ArchBridge Considering Shipping by Barge

This is the common question we get at ArchBridge these days. Right now, there are problems, globally. We will list out a few of the things we know right now.

  • Integrated carriers, Fedex, UPS, etc, are not telling customers accurate shipping times because they honestly cannot predict the timing. So if you pay for overnight shipping, more likely your shipment will take 2-3 weeks. You will suffer if you ship with an integrated carrier.
  • Shipping on the ground with dry-van semis in North America is totally challenging and expensive now as there are not enough workers to both drive nor to transfer freight from airplane to truck. There are major trucking problems.
  • Shipping by sea is crazy expensive now and there are approximately half a million containers sitting off the coast of Los Angeles unable to be offloaded.
  • The tariffs on goods from China are still taxed at 25%. This is real and if you are working with shippers that are not taking account for the realities of customs, these costs may be passed onto you or your freight held upon entry into the United States, where you will be billed per hour.

These are the current challenges. ArchBridge is well on top of the best ways to move freight internationally. We get onto the same flights as other carriers and also can take advantage of new cargo only flights by United, Southwest Airlines, Lufthansa and more.

We can really save you money and headaches in the 200 – 1000 kg weight shipments. And above 1000 kg we really can help you with our best rates and opportunities, changing daily.

If you aren’t on our weekly updates list, please sign-up below as we release general rates per/kg and make available opportunities to you as they arise.

Currently we are working out how to move boats on rivers because railways in the United States are occupied moving oil right now.

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