ALS Brings People Together to Trade Hope

Arlene Rosengarten & Beatle Bob

As we have written about before, our Co-Founder and charisma leader, Arlene Rosengarten, passed away in September 2021 from complications from ALS. Once her life partner, Carl D. Essen, and Arlene found out about Arlene’s diagnosis, they spent a signficant amount of time investigating all forms of cures and methods for slowing down ALS. One positive outcome from this process is that it brought hundreds of people together. And, in some cases deals were done with Arlene Creates promotion business and ArchBridge sourcing and freight business.

Today we write about two people that connected with Arlene and Carl. First is Freddie E. McClurkin, “a former US Marine and retired commercial pilot is one of those people. At 75 years-old, he has been living with the ALS condition for 12 years,” wrote Jonathan Allen this week in Entrepreneur Quarterly. In a deeply connected story that documents Freddie’s life and how it intersected wth Arlene and Carl, EQ wrote about the how a “St. Louis Air Freight Entrepreneur [Carl] and Missouri Aviator [Freddie] Share Hope for Those Affected by ALS.”

And, in a story that needs a more thorough telling, Arlene was friends with the famed dancer from St. Louis, Beatle Bob. He passed away about a year ago on July 27, 2023 from ALS. And, ALS ended his streak of 9,439 nights attending concerts.

Arlene Rosengarten & Beatle Bob

Unfortunately, Beatle Bob and Arlene were not able to connect on this subject before either person’s passing, but we have the pieces to fit together the story of their friendship from an earlier era. One thing is certain: Arlene and Beatle Bob enjoyed dancing and celebration of life.

Overall, while ALS brought Arlene and Beatle Bob’s story on earth to close, Freddie and Carl continue onward with the hope of not only slowing ALS down for all those afflicted, but by ending it.

Now, how does freight and deals fit into this story? Well, trade brings peace and where there are people working together, there is possibilities. Let’s discuss those possibilities together.

How may we serve you? What do you need help sourcing and moving around the planet in these challenging freight times?