Trade Brings Peace

Trades brings peace

Long time no talk! We are restarting sending out weekly insights and highlights on shipping freight with an emphasis between Asia and the Midwest of the United States. We are based in Hong Kong and St. Louis where ArchBridge can bring the best freight rates, and up-to-date sourcing for the most in-demand goods.

We have two goals right now: (1) Help customers import necessary goods and materials at the lowest prices (2) Help customers export (sell) their goods and materials to Asia at the highest prices.

What are you interested in doing, importing, exporting or shipping?

Top Imported Items into St. Louis

  1. Vehicles and parts
  2. Machinery and electronics
  3. Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies
  4. Chemicals and plastics
  5. Furniture and home furnishings
  6. Apparel and textiles
  7. Food and beverages
  8. Metals and metal products
  9. Paper and paper products
  10. Miscellaneous manufactured goods.

These imports come from various countries around the world, with the largest trading partners being China, Mexico, Canada, Germany, and Japan.

Top Exports from to China include:

  1. Crude oil and petroleum products
  2. Electronic equipment and machinery
  3. Iron ore and copper
  4. Medical and pharmaceutical products
  5. Agricultural products, such as soybeans and meat
  6. Vehicles and automotive parts
  7. Plastics and plastic products
  8. Optical and medical instruments
  9. Clothing and textiles
  10. Chemicals and chemical products.

China imports these goods from various countries, with its main trading partners being the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, and Australia. The country’s high demand for these imports is driven by its manufacturing sector, consumer market, and infrastructure development projects.

Contact ArchBridge if you need to import some goods or have something to export to Asia. Sign up for the news letter below where we list more specific opportunities.