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To direct source products from the FDA credentialed factory floor to U.S. FDA product buyers in an industrial standard open book format following fair markup for services rendered that is protected by ArchBridge’s FDA Initial Importer License that registers each AirBill shipments with the FDA through the open book costing by the freight forwarding concern Team Air Express as an Indirect Air Carrier that protects the integrity of the FDA product to the given buyer’s FDA U.S. located storeroom.

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Apples, Oranges & Peach Deals

🍎 Build & Ship

An ArchBridge “Apple Deal” is when we direct source a product for you from the factory floor & use ArchBridge Shipping for a timely delivery.

  • ArchBridge Build.
  • ArchBridge Ship.

🍊 Pickup & Ship

An ArchBridge “Orange Deal” is when you have products & we handle logistics with ArchBridge Shipping to deliver your products.

  • Client Build.
  • ArchBridge Ship.

🍑 Listen & Solve

An ArchBridge “Peach Deal” is when we listen to your need and solve the issue for free with available resources, inventory, and relationships.

  • ArchBridge Listen.
  • ArchBridge Solve.